More update: 23 sprites done, changed title

Doodling buildings now. I might have a problem working on my project after April 25th due to my housing situation. Check out my donation page here —->

Also I changed the title from You’re Not Hitler! to 4chanhouse 2.0 Blog. I have no idea what will happen to 4chanhouse and I thought it would be better to help out and stuff. I still main /pol/ if he’s relegated to managing people.

Fixed /v/’s head

Update: Busy with finals

Won’t be posting until possibly December.

Not only are my finals coming up but I have projects for my classes. On the positive side, going back to school is probably the fastest and most stressful way that I’ve learned a programming language without a background in it.

I completed the donut tutorial…

..But won’t let me upload the .mov file. Did not see option to save blender animation file as .gif so here’s a still image.

One day I’ll get the .gif file here, but in the meantime I have work.

new practice project until I’m comfortable with mesh modeling:

I don’t really have a lot left to do but I’m having issues working the camera.

Doing the donut thing on blender.

I picked up a few extra shifts for my current workplace so I haven’t been working on my comic. On another note, I made a donut.

I’ve also been binge watching Murdoch Murdoch. Haven’t had a chance to watch it until now. I also need time to go to the gym since my next job requires me being in shape.

But yes, I got extra shifts, and I won’t be resting until next week.

my donut