I keep changing his color scheme

More Nigga Three-Hood

Wait till you see all of Nicky Two-Vests’ villains that I came up with.

This was fun. I think I am going to draw more board tans after my other commissions, but right now it’s just drawing a very offended black guy in the /co/ thread. His sidekick is in the process of being made.

Nicky Two-Vest arch nemesis

I made a thing. I think I’m gonna write a short comic with this guy along with the other Sageworthy Society members. Nigga Three Hood also has a sidekick that might be regrettable later on. Lol

Oh yeah, he probably won’t get along great with Newman. It’s going to be entertaining to draw their interactions.

tru luv

still working on this bottom picture but the tough part is nearly over. medibang app crashes when I save too much drawings, and doesn’t save if you switch to another window after a certain period of time.