something broke

Something broke. Very upsetting. Uh, looks like it has something to do with DNS settings.

Only a zero showed up when I tried to launch it.

In the meantime I drew some character profiles. I’ll try my site again in uh, 48 hours looks like.

new character profiles 1
I also did this for fun. More rule 63 /pol/. Would be interesting to draw an angry and hateful female character. The skies the limit.

Page 3, and also pregnant /pol/.

I had someone on /ic/ redline pregnant /pol/ 63 since I can’t draw pregnant women that great. Also page 3 of a funny short I’m doing.

I have a normal image of /pol/ 63 without the belly. eh, anywho, still gotta do that height chart.

Page 3 of a short comic thing.
I think pushing up the belly is a good idea.