Crossover for Conrad and Newman comic (/co/ and /new/)

Recently someone has been interfering in Conrad’s cases. After carefully gathering evidence in which this person was involved, he concludes that it’s from a drug-related crime that went cold years ago. Conrad is only familiar with this case because he knows someone who had been chasing it. He calls for Newman.

Newman is a reporter from a crime ridden city in the process of political upheaval. He is also Conrad’s distant relative though neither really communicate with the other. He goes to Conrad’s city to help him with his investigations.

Neither of them realize how important the case is.

“Damnit, you’re not getting away from me this time!”

(Page 1: chase scene of a hooded boy and a news reporter running after him in the night in a deserted part of the city. The boy comes to a stop at a fence that’s too high for him to escape. Face hidden, he turns back to his pursuer. The reporter smiles triumphantly.)

“Got you now, you littl’ shit.”

(But something happens that lets the boy escape. The reporter is left flabbergasted, then angry at being so close to catching the boy. End scene 1.)

(Scene 2. Takes place in Conrad’s city. He is talking to his superior with a hidden mic located underneath his disguise. As per one of his usual cases, he had gone undercover to get close to a few criminals. He gets discovered, fights break out but Conrad has the upper hand and manages to defeat them. The police arrive and they apprehend the criminals while the superior criticizes but congratulates Conrad on another case solved. Conrad is skeptical on the case being solved due to overhearing a conversation with the criminals earlier, but he keeps it to himself. As the warehouse clears up, Conrad stays behind to ponder on the earlier conversation.)

‘There’s something about this warehouse that they mentioned…’

(He starts searching around. He locates a part of the warehouse hidden from view and sees an empty lock box with some sort of powdery white crumbs inside. Suddenly the lights turn off. He senses a shadow looking down at him. It’s huge and unidentifiable. Conrad ducks in time before the monster could take a  swing at him. Conrad runs, but the monster suddenly disappears before anything else can happen. Scared and confused, Conrad immediately grabs the lock box and flees the warehouse.)

(Scene 3. Morning now. Conrad retells his terrifying experience to his friends and co-workers. The case from last night was solved, but it seems like it has overlapped with another puzzle waiting for an answer. Intrigued, one of his co-workers mention that there has been strange appearances of this monster all over the city, though it could be another superhuman or entity (given the reputation of Conrad’s city). Conrad disagrees, stating that he’d be able to tell if the monster belonged in the city or not. He is familiar with everyone in the city, including villians and heroes. He shows his co-workers the lockbox. One of them decide to hand it over to a drug analyst as per Conrad’s request. The conversation veers off to other things.)

(Conrad watches the news on tv. It mentions some heroes on a floating island, then switches to international news of another city in political upheaval. He gets bored; his superior calls out that he has another assignment.)

(For several chapters the theme of the monster and the lockbox would appear in several cases till finally-)

(Conrad decides to investigate the monster despite his superior stating that it would be a waste of time. He decides to investigate this on the side without telling anyone for fear of losing his job. The drug analyst still hasn’t returned the lockbox, saying that the results were either inconclusive or part of another case that required it as evidence. Also it wasn’t Conrad’s to begin with (property of government?). He decides to break into the analysis room to see if the results or the lockbox is there (a certain board tan (/x/?) informed him that the box was still in the room despite the analyst’s suggestions). Conrad hides when he hears someone coming. It was his superior. Somehow Conrad gets discovered, fight happens, some smack talk about Conrad’s mother- and then surprisingly his superior turns into the monster! Conrad tries to run out of the building but it is locked for security reasons. The windows are tinted/mirrored and the building is sound-proof. In fact the whole building is pretty secured (co-workers mentioned this to Conrad in the earlier conversation). Through some quick action, he manages to defeat the monster. Conrad breathes a sign of relief; he’ll have to wait for someone to open up the building in the morning. In the meantime he finds the lockbox with some information on its content written next to it. It was about a drug that he’d heard going around in the underground, but he remembers the case had gone cold years ago. He also remembers a certain reporter that would have more information about the case despite everyone giving up on it.

(Scene 4. Conrad gets transferred and moved to another part of the city. This part of the city has more familiar characters and is less noir than previous chapters. His contact with heroes and villians are more prevalent here. Every now and then he tries to contact the reporter but is always met with a voicemail. He attempts to solve the lockbox case but without any leads or evidence it was a futile effort. He watches some more tv, one about the city’s heroes and the other about the city in upheaval.)