Season 1, zecro’s post on a 4chanime.

Originally on the Invision board, I am quoting zecro on it for future information.

The original idea for the board-tans was an animated series, and maybe producing some flash shorts might be interesting, but this is going to be a series of comics. Regardless, I’m calling it Season 1.
It wouldn’t have an overarching plot, until the end of the season, but would follow [URL=]4chan’s history[/URL], especially the introduction of new boards. I have no clue what the “original” boards were, but they were the ones that moved into the apartment complex/series of houses. The apartment buildings should probably be the different servers, maybe.

From the news section of 4chan, here’s the general idea of how the boards are introduced:

/b/ – “Retard Bin”

— (within a few days/weeks) 10/03

/t/ – Torrents

/p/ – Photographs (uncertain)

/u/ – Yuri (uncertain)

/h/ – Hentai

/c/ – Anime/Cute

/d/ – Hentai/Alternative

/y/ – Yaoi

/g/ – Guro

/s/ – Sexy Beautiful Women

/w/ – Anime/Wallpapers

— 11/03

/a/ – Anime (to keep /b/ random, not anime/random)

/l/ – Lolikon (because /c/ was a pedofest)

— 1/04

/r/ – Requests

/f/ – Flash

— 9/04

/k/ – Weapons

/o/ – Auto

/sm/ – Shota/Male

(/b/ sucks)

— 10/04

/ib/ – Oekaki Random

/ip/ – Oekaki Pro

/v/ – Video Games

/tech/ – Technology (text board now)

/z/ – Party Hard Crazy Board

/n/ – Trains IS DEAD

/l/ – Loli IS DEAD

/sm/ Shota/Male IS DEAD

— 11/04

donations again

— 1/05

/e/ – Ecchi

/3/ – 3DCG

/g/ – Technology

/n/ – Nature & Wildlife

/ic/ – Art/Critique

/p/ – Photography. (Old /p/ is now /x/.)

/x/ – General Photo

— 2/05

/gif/ – Animated GIF

/hr/ – High Resolution

/wg/ – Wallpapers/General


— 8/05


— 4/06

/co/ – Comics & Cartoons

/po/ – Papercraft &Origami

/cgl/ – Cosplay & EGL

/ck/ – Food & Cooking

/co/ – Comics & Cartoons

/mu/ – Music

/tv/ – Television & Film

/n/ becomes news

— 8/06


— 2/07

/tg/ – Traditional Games

/x/ – Paranormal

— 3/07

the great re/b/oot

— 9/07

/rs/ – Rapidshares

— 12/07

4chan gets a makeover

— 2/08

/fa/ – Fashion

/fit/ – Health & Fitness

/hc/ – Hardcore

/n/ – becomes Transportation

/sp/ – Sports

/toy/ – Toys

/trv/ – Travel

/jp/ – Japan/General

/r9k/ – ROBOT9000

Some things are incomplete, (edit edit: almost all the boards have been accounted for, or have an upper bound for creation.)

Regardless, my idea is for “season one” to consider events up to, but not including, the makeover at the end of 07. This would include character development (timeless!), the establishment of character relations (i.e. /co/ and /ck/), and general tomfoolery. /l/ gets partyvanned for CP. Creepy-guy /g/uro is replaced by technolo/g/y.

The story eventually is that /b/ gets cancer. There are several emotional scenes as /b/ is lying on his “deathbed” and the other boards come by, only to have /b/ reject them all. /ck/ brings delicious cake, but /b/ looks at it and hits it out of her hands declaring that it doesn’t have enough mudkips. /c/ gives /b/ a cat, and, even though /b/ loves cats, he eats it/rejects it/ignores it/says it’s not long enough. /x/ (paranormal) would come by and read creepy stories, but /b/ would get scared and move to bel-air. His request before dying is for /v/ to do one last barrel roll.

When /b/ dies, the whole “/b/tards lolol” writefaggotry happens, as the other boards fight them off. Without a vessel to control them, the horde /b/ was able to summon to raid the pool summons itself and begins wreaking destruction. /b/ doesn’t DIE of course, /b/ is like Deadpool, he can’t die. When he comes back to life (maybe /x/ resurrects him) the /b/tards unsummon and the other boards’ losing battle against them is over.

In the aftermath, the “current” character relations take form. /v/ and /a/ get together, etc etc. Fade to black.

Season 2 would open with the introduction of the new boards and the remodeling of 4chan building(s). /r9k/ started out as a transplant from /b/’s cancer-infested brain into a robot shell. /b/ is now the “hurr durr” character, sometimes capable of clear thought, but for the most part uses his “summon horde” ability to be a dick. /v/ and, increasingly, /a/, start to worry about getting a /b/-like cancer. The rest of the new boards are introduced, much like the original cast was introduced in season 1 – timeless character humor.

Where do we go with Season 2? I kind of imagine the Party Van taking control of the apartment building(s) and imposing a regime of censorship. But that never happened in 4chan history, so maybe not.

IDK, maybe even portraying the boards in a historical manner is not worthwhile. I think it’s a valid way to introduce the characters in that way, however, and if there’s going to be a /b/-cancer story, then it would be a great end to season 1.