Resources and Other Internet Tans (updated 10/07/22):

More links in the coming future?

Links (updated 10/07/22):

I’m cross-linking to other artists because I thought these were neat. I’ve provided a brief description of what these sites are about, though bare in mind my words are never 100% accurate. I’m mostly a /new/ anon from 2010, so the majority of these are bias on /pol/’s part. The /new/ redirect stayed on /pol/ until around..2014 or 2015, I think? Anywho,

4chanhouse– Main site for 4chan board tans. The shimmie updates with random drawings of board tans (or /co/’s Colette depending on /co/’s mood at the time). It has been dead for a little over a year (10/07/22)

/tg/’s 1d4chan board tans page– /tg/ created a board tans page a long time ago that I frequently visit. It’s easily edited so I don’t take the storyboarding seriously, but it’s good for fandom writing, especially those seeking to create pairings of board tans during Winterballs.

/co/’s /co/nservatory board tans page– Like /tg/, /co/ also created a board tans wiki. Their creations are centered mostly around their board and board tan, Conrad.

plus4chan– I keep this site around because it hosted /n/- News before 2010. There’s a dead board tan thread on /coc/. (several tans)– I wasn’t a participant in GG, but afterwards I think they spawned some tans of their own. A well known one would be /v/’s Vivian James. Some mascot hosting boards are /tan/ and /btan/. Died a while back (10/07/22)

The Adventures of Christ Chan– Christ chan was created by a user by the name of Chabs (?) on /pol/. The Adventures of Christ Chan is an entertaining comic by another /pol/ user. I think it’s cute.

Murdoch Murdoch– Haha, I don’t know. Not really board or site tans related, just entertaining on /pol/’s end.

08/17/17 Edit: Videos have been taken down, so they’ve been relocated to this website.

Interweb Series– From someone’s tumblr back in 2012. It’s dead, Jim.

That’s it for now.

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