More of 2channel stuff

They have things in common being the negatives of their own countries: Hinomoto being born from slur, and 4chan news board born from hate. Both are news boards, and both are probably not bad people, just bad circumstances. laughs

Both designs were created around the same year, 2010. /int/ is going to feel replaced as a friend with Hinomoto around, since /new/ and Hinomoto have similar hobbies.

You are still his best friend, /int/ chan!

YNH! Characters


I’ve cross-posted this to the 4chanhouse invision site that was created back in 2008, though it’s been going down for me and I want to keep writing the notes I had back in 2011-2013.

(All characters are from 2010-’11 era. Hopefully.)

/b/: 4chan’s poster child, the Random board. Gaining notoriety as the asshole of the internet, his chaotic nature caused several boards to splinter off in attempt to distinguish themselves as individuals. His ability is shape-shifting and manifesting into random entities to confuse other sites, including 4chan itself. He is a prankster at heart.

/new/: 4chan’s news board. He has a somewhat serious personality and a penchant for arguments and sardonic humor. He lives with [r9k] after being removed from 4chan.

[r9k]: A sad and pathetic robot wearing a gentleman’s formal wear. Spends most of his time obsessing over greentext stories until moot removed him and /new/ from 4chan. Initially taking /new/ in out of pity, [r9k] starts finding the board quite difficult to room with.

Tumblr- Young lady with blue hair regularly seen hanging out with the social networking sites. Since the 2010 4chumblr incident, she’s been a constant thorn (visitor) to 4chan, though most notably /b/. note: the design came mainly from the internet during 4chumblr, not tumblr’s political form.

Reddit- Small robot with red eyes.

YouTube- Sociable video sharing (?) site. Likeable personality that even his enemies begrudgingly tolerate. Lives under Google’s watch so he’s well taken care of.

Google- His form varies but is most often portrayed as a man with white hair, white suit, and glasses. Lives in the sky. Has a horrible habit of peeping and other intrusive behaviors. Could be a search engine thing.

imgur- Boy with glowing green eyes. Ghostly in his appearance, he disappears and reappears at random intervals to show other sites what images he found.

DeviantArt- Green skin, demon horned girl. Tumblr’s best friend. note: dA uses a demon (?) kinda mascot, I went with anthromorphosizing it as a horned girl.

Twitter- Three of her noteable forms are 1) a Twitter bird, 2) a harpy-like chibi girl (her arms are wings), and 3) a young girl with small blue wings (in this form she is rarely able to fly so it’s pretty useless). Likes to gossip alot.

piratebay- Multiple pirates constantly on the move from forces aiming to disband them. Huge mothership.

LiveLeak- Well-known for graphical and political content. His home is surprisingly well organized. note: currently his design is a tanned man with a desert jacket and red neck gaiter.

stormfront- His name is notorious on the internet as a major hate site. Currently designed as wearing a KKK robe. (Was he the reason 4chan news board was axed?)

WikiLeaks- A fairy-like creature that gives information to those who’ll listen. She lives inside an hourglass.