Getting set up.

Starting to get back after some moving. Although I have a few more things to complete before next month.

Lila from Lovely Ladybug and NTH.
Practice. What kind of designs should I put on Newfag?

More practice.

Weekly /co/ stuff

I created another character. I said in the thread that he is just a background character that died in NTH’s past but…eh, I might keep him just to throw a monkey wrench into the group dynamics between Newman, Conrad, NTH and Harlem. He’s going to be a character that probably just stands there to exist and breathe, but people get angry with him just because he wears unconventional things. It’s a literal monkey wrench situation for Newman. Maybe he’ll experience some character growth?

I have an idea that Newman calls him many names and the guy just takes it (he’s a sorta quiet Korean guy who wears pink and likes cute things), and maybe one day his patience runs thin with Newman and he calls Newman out on not being honest with himself, somehow talks common sense and embarrasses the reporter at the same time, so Newman grabs a bottle and prepares to get violent before the group stops him. He seethes and leaves, and that would be the point in the story where this kid stops being such an NPC and he directly becomes someone Newman would eventually acknowledge as a guy who’s just happy with himself.

Chances of him dying is still kinda high in my story though.

Newman and NTH fighting because NTH was being perverted with /int/.
“Can’t take him anywhere” – Conrad

More update: 23 sprites done, changed title

Doodling buildings now. I might have a problem working on my project after April 25th due to my housing situation. Check out my donation page here —->

Also I changed the title from You’re Not Hitler! to 4chanhouse 2.0 Blog. I have no idea what will happen to 4chanhouse and I thought it would be better to help out and stuff. I still main /pol/ if he’s relegated to managing people.

Fixed /v/’s head